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How To Exercise At Work

How To Exercise At Work

You do have enough time to exercise, really.

Especially if you make moving more a priority throughout the day, even if that’s a work day.

Before you get all defensive, hear us out: You don’t need to spend your lunchbreak at the gym, you don’t need to be away from your desk for an entire hour, you don’t even need to shower, fix your hair or touch up your makeup afterword.

Aside from smart solutions to the too-much-sitting problem like taking walking meetings and strolling over to talk to a coworker instead of emailing her, here are some easy-as-pie exercises you can do anywhere in the office — no gym clothes necessary. We can’t say your coworkers won’t stare, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll inspire them to join in. Oh, and maybe don’t really do these in heels.



By Sarah Klein via – Huffington Post

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